10 Best UI/UX Design Courses in 2021 (+Tips)

User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are two of the most demanding skills that have dominated so far in 2021.

Getting advancement for those skills is a requirement for each designer to apply for a job in the design industry and startup sector.

However, the UI/UX design skillsets cannot be found in schools or degrees.

There is a need to learn and experience it outside of the academic world by taking some courses that are related to it.

Such courses are like for example, to understand the five thinking processes, wireframing, making case studies, and using applications like Figma or Adobe XD.

And also, getting certified after you complete that learning journey is a plus point.

Hence in this article, we have researched widely and deeply to recommend some great and amazing UI/UX design online courses.

There is no ordering of the courses.

We will share our course analysis with a short description of the course, who we recommend them to, i.e., the target audience, and why you should take it.

In the last part, we will try to gather tips for successful learning of the UI/UX design.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best UI/UX design courses that are recommended for you to take in 2021.

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. Google UX Design Certificate
  4. Springboard
  5. Skillshare
  6. Learnux.io
  7. Interaction Design Foundation
  8. CareerFoundry
  9. DesignLab
  10. Skill Academy by Ruangguru

Udemy: Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training

UI UX Course
Source: Udemy

About this course:

  • Paid Certification.
  • Creator: Rob Sutcliffe.
  • Duration: Approx. 3.5 hours.
  • Requirement: Figma + Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: 4.5/5.0.


Udemy creates a lot of UI/UX courses for everyone to deepen their knowledge and skills to become a professional designer.

This course covers user interface designing using the powerful tools within Figma. 

In the first section, you will be taught the Figma interface and the places you can find powerful tools like constraints to make your designs responsive.

And also the components to build a library of design elements to use throughout your projects.

You also go over real-time team collaboration and how you can use Figma to work closely with others in the same project.

And the tutor will guide you through designing and prototyping the application that includes multiple artboards, custom icon designs, editing images, and text.

Just for your information, Figma is arguably the best application to create UI/UX design.

It has a free sign-up that allows you quickly create your wireframes and visualize your wireframes into high-fi mockups.

The application is also minimalist and user-friendly.

Fortunately, there are virtually no boundaries when it comes to using Figma because you can design within a web browser or use their application.

Figma is similar to Sketch and Adobe XD but it is said to be the more powerful of the three when it comes to team collaboration and responsive, fast-paced designing. 

Should I take?

This course is recommended for you if you are a beginner looking to get into the UI/UX field, i.e., into becoming UI/UX designers, web designers, and graphic designers.

Furthermore, for the duration, affordable price, and certification, we think that you can try to consider taking this learning course.

Coursera – UX/UI Design Specialization

UI UX Course

About the course:

  • Paid Certification, but Financial Aid available.
  • Creator: California Institute of Arts.
  • Duration: Four months (One month/course).
  • Requirement: Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0


This UX/UI Design Specialization consists of four courses, a practical four-month introduction suited for those who have never done any UX/UI work previously.

The four courses will cover a full design process.

It includes the basics of user research and ideation, from defining a project’s strategy and scope to creating wireframes and visual mockups.

Thereafter, you can turn the static wireframes into an interactive prototype and developing a UI interface.

Also, in this course, you have to submit your application idea by the end of the first week, then map it out for the second week, create a user journey on the third week, and develop a clickable prototype by the end of the fourth week.

Should I take?

If you have the time and dedication to learn about UX, but you do not have much experience, this course is recommended for you to enroll.

Because skills and knowledge you will learn in this specialization are applicable to a wide variety of careers, especially as a UI/UX designer.

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

UI UX Course

About the course:

  • Paid Certification, but Financial Aid available.
  • Creator: Google Career Certificates.
  • Duration: Six months (One month/course).
  • Requirement: Figma/Adobe XD + Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0


One of the most popular UI/UX certification courses is offered by Google.

This course will help you for your career in the high-growth field of UX design.

There is no experience or degree required to take this course so even if you are a beginner, you can still try to take and learn something out of this course.

In this course, you will learn how to complete the design process from the beginning to the end, including:

  • Empathizing with users;
  • Defining user pain points;
  • Coming up with ideas for design solutions;
  • Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes;
  • Testing designs through usability studies;
  • Iterating on designs based on feedback.

Through a mix of videos, readings, assessments, and hands-on activities in the course, you will learn in-demand design tools, Figma and Adobe XD.

You will even create a portfolio that includes three projects to share with your potential employers to showcase the skills you have learned in this program.

Should I take?

As this course is created by Google, there is an inherent value in having arguably one of the most popular companies in the world on your design CV.

Springboard – UI/UX Design Bootcamp: Become a UI/UX Designer

About the course:

  • Paid ($1,590/months) Certification.
  • Creator: Spiringboard.
  • Duration: Nine months.
  • Requirement: Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: 4.69/5.00


Throughout the UI/UX design Bootcamp, you will explore all the stages of the UI/UX design process, from design thinking to ideating, sketching, and more.

The course consists of videos, articles, hands-on design projects, and career-related coursework.

In addition, you will work on substantial design projects and complete a real-world externship with an industry client.

After 9 months, you’ll graduate with a UI/UX design mindset and a portfolio to show for it.

This course is different from the other courses as you will get a 1:1 mentorship every week and be coached to mastering your UI/UX design skills.

The mentorship and feedback of a seasoned UX professional make this course a worthwhile option to consider.

Should I take?

If your learning style suits one that is being guided by a real mentor, and you have no problems getting advice or feedbacks during the ongoing projects, then you can consider applying for this course.

Skillshare: User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design

UI UX  Course

About the course:

Paid (Skillshare Subscription) Certification.

Creator: Daniel Scott.

Duration: 12h 8m (93 course).

Requirement: Adobe Essential + Laptop/PC + Internet.

Rating: 71% of students’ expectations exceeded.


This course is aimed at those who are interested in UI/UX Design. You will start from the very beginning and work all the way through, step by step.

If you already have some UI/UX Design experience but want to get up to speed using Adobe XD, then this course is perfect for you too.

For the specific detail about the course:

  • First, you will be taught the differences between UX and UI Design.

You will look at the brief for the real-world project, then you will learn about low-fidelity wireframes and how to make use of existing UI design kits.

  • Second, you will go over all of the essential tools necessary for creating excellent wireframes.

It includes type, colors, icons, “Lorem ipsum” copywriting, prototyping, models and popups, symbols, and repeat grids.

You will even make use of the new prototyping app so that you can experience your prototype on your mobile device.

An important part of maximizing your UX Design workflow is being able to utilize other software such as Photoshop and also Illustrator.

There are two class projects for you to complete during this class.

These will help develop your skills and will give you something for your own portfolio.

Should I take?

When you have a willingness to learn practical design skillsets and have the dedication to spend a massive amount of time, go for this course.

For point plus, you will be mastering the skills in Adobe XD, which is another popular application, that is quite similar to Figma.

Learnux.io: User Testing Course

UI UX Course

About the course:

  • Paid (periodic sales availables), No certification.
  • Creator: Michal Mazur.
  • Duration: 3h 24m.
  • Requirement: Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: Not Available.


This course will be a great starting point for learning about user experience and user research.

If you have never conducted any user testing studies, you will have a chance to learn the theoretical basics, but also to obtain practical insights.

After you start the course, you will get introduced to the concept of testing with real users through a number of methods, i.e., to ensure business risks are minimized and designs are properly evaluated.

There’s also others program that related to the basic UI and UX course.

You can try it one by one.

Should I take?


This course will help you to understand what are the core components and principles of user testing – from administration and designing tests in order to reach the goal of projects.

Interaction Design Foundation – User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide

UI UX Course

About the course:

  • Paid (Membership) Certification.
  • Creator: Interaction Design Foundation.
  • Duration: 6 weeks (18h 12m).
  • Requirement: Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: Not Available.


As you proceed to this course, you will gain an understanding of the various design principles that come together to create a good user experience.

Besides, you will learn the value user experience design brings to a project, and what areas you must consider when you want to design user experiences.

There are 7 lessons that are available on this course.

It provides you to learn about:

  • An introduction to the areas of study categorized under the umbrella of “user experience.”
  • Key design principles established over the last four decades that together form the basis of a user’s experience of a product or service.
  • Key psychological principles that underlie these design principles.
  • What cognitive processes underlie human-computer interaction, and how to design with this knowledge in mind.
  • How visual perception affects the viewing experience.
  • Examples of good and bad design to help you avoid common mistakes.
  • The importance of usability over aesthetics.

In addition, their lessons have no deadlines, which can be great for those who want to learn at their own pace and repeat some parts of the course.

Should I take?


This course will make you join a global community and work together to improve your skills and career opportunities as a UX designer.

You can connect with helpful peers and make friends with like-minded individuals as you push deeper into the exciting and booming industry of UX/UI designing.

Career Foundry – UX Design Program

UI UX Course

About the course:

  • Paid ($7505) Certification.
  • Creator: CareerFoundry.
  • Duration: 10 months.
  • Requirement: Laptop/PC + Internet.
  • Rating: 4.9/5.0.


CareerFoundry brings to you the engaging learning path of the UX design program.

You will learn about Intro to UX Design, UX Immersion, and mini-course collaboration with InVision and Amazon-Alexa.

It provides you some facilities like a get a personal mentor who will have week-to-week meetings with you and lead you through the course. 

By the end of the program, you will also have career support as a UX designer and create portfolio projects to enhance your skills and personal branding.

For further information or syllabus, you can check on the website above.

Should I take?

Yes, if you want to have a mentorship model that ensures you get all the support you need.

DesignLab – UX Academy: Learn UX UI Design

About the course:

  • Paid Certification.
  • Creator: DesignLab.
  • Duration: 28 weeks for full time / 15 weeks for part time.
  • Requirement: Figma + Sketch + Adobe, Laptop, Internet.
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0.


DesignLab will provide you a complete course about UI/UX.

With help and guidance from their mentor, you will work through over 480 hours of UX design lessons and projects.

In the end, you will have completed over 100 hands-on exercises, and built a portfolio with four substantial capstone projects.

Note, there is a different curriculum for part-time and full-time students.

But mostly, you will learn about Design and Communication Basics, UX Research, Information Architecture, UI Design, Iteration, and Implementation.

Besides that, you will learn about Personal Brand, Portfolio Setup, and undergo 3 Capstone Projects.

Should I take?

DesignLab provides so many graduates, mentorship, community, and have good career support.

Therefore, if you want to experience more of those services, you can try to attend their courses.

Skill Academy by Ruangguru – UX Designer: Digital Product Development

About the course:

  • Paid (149,000 IDR) Certification.
  • Creator: Luky Primadani
  • Duration: 1h 45 m.
  • Requirement: Laptop, Internet.
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0


This course is mainly for Indonesian people who like to know about UX design concepts through 10 available topics.

You can learn about User-Centric Design, User Interviews, Customer Journey maps, Information Architecture & User Flow, Prototype, and Usability Testing.

Moreover, you can learn to understand agile software development. It will help you as a UX designer and UX Professional.

This online course has flexible time that is worth your shecule to learn.

There is also an exam for certification with a short duration.

In addition, you can come to Career Mentoring. At that program, you will be guided by them to create a CV, makes a portfolio, sharing interview tips, and so on.

Should I take?

For Indonesian, we will be recommending that you can look into taking this course. Ruangguru is a famous learning platform that started in Indonesia.

By get skilled and certified from this course, it will make you more credible and professional as a UX designer.

Tips to Learn UI UX Courses

In addition, we have offered some tips for you to learn about UI/UX design.

  • Focus on your milestone. First, if you want to learn about UI/UX design, then you must create your goals to achieve them. Plan and schedule is important to accelerate your skills.
  • Purchase courses that you willing to finished. Learn about UI/UX design needs time and patience, especially when you work with the tools. So make sure you choose the course that suit your needs.
  • Bring What You’ve Learned Into Your Current Work. As UX designer, you must try to applied skills and knowledge to your design. You can create UX portfolio or make some engaging content that related to.
  • Join a UI/UX community. It’s better for you to learn with other peoples, sharing idea, and even ask for advice or feedbacks of your design project.
  • Read about design articles every day. To make ourselves get familiar with design, the best way is to read a few articles each day. There are millions of articles available online for us to discover about new trends, use cases and tutorials.


In conclusion, with this article, you can get some keen interest to learn more about UI/UX design by taking one or some courses.

If you’d like to know more about user experience and especially some great UX/UI jobs, you can find them on our career platform: 9cv9.

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