Difference between Coder, Programmer, Developer and Engineer

“Coder”, “Programmer”, “Developer”, “Engineer” are the terms used to refer people who work in the software development industry. However, have you ever wondered who they are? Are they different? How to distinguish them? Just take a look at this article of Nghe Dev to discover it.

  1. Coder 

If you have a clear problem and solution described in a natural language, you would need a coder to translate them into the computing language.

Coder – When the Coder is given the program, it is usually necessary to include a detailed description of the program. The Coder is good at coding, fast writing and making the program run as described. However, in most cases, the product is not very neat when looking at the code. You can not ask them to do more than that.

Anyone who writes code is often called a coder. The term “Coder” is often used for the least experienced programmer, who do not have enough knowledge of algorithms, such as a programmer or developer, as well as beginners. The Coder only knows a single programming language such as C, Java, PHP, etc. Coders are usually assigned the task of writing simple scripts by the Developer. In some cases, the Coder is also called a “Junior Programmer” or “Junior Developer”.

  1. Programmer

If you have a clear problem but do not have a clear solution, you would need a programmer to solve the problem by coding.

Programmer is someone who writes code, understands algorithms, concentrates in some systems and programming languages. You just need to tell them the details of the program and he can manage the rest for you.

  1. Developer

If you feel that you have a problem to solve but you cannot define clearly, you would need a developer to help you find the problem first, then handle it (analysis, problem solving and code).

A developer has a broad view of the problem, and the ability to use different systems, multiple programming languages and coordinate them to solve the problem. The Developer usually works not only with codes, but also with human and usually has good communication, problem solving, analysis and solution builiding skills. After that, the developer will design the program and provide descriptions for the programmer and coder.

  1. Engineer

The term “Engineer” or “Software Engineer” is usually reserved for the highest level of programmers. These are usually engineers who are well-versed in at least three programming languages, and use various skills to design and build the overall structure of application. The Engineer combines the module together into a final product to form the white interface, the core of the application, and then works with the Programmer and Developer to complete all the design features.

In short, basically, we can distinguish these terms based on skills, such as knowledge of technology, engineering, design, algorithms, code writing, etc., or based on the actual experiences and on the position of the person at the company.

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